Cyber Security Insurance

The Cyber Risk policy protects companies from the risks may occur in the IT sector and the consequences that these may have on the normal work activities.

In a context where data and information systems are increasingly important, our Cyber Security insurance provides your customers with the protection they need to defend themselves against any loss of profit due to the interruption of business activities following a cyber attack, network security failures and human errors, thus helping them to safeguard their assets.

Our insurance partners, selected among the top players in the market, guarantee the possibility to manage claims internally, always from Italy, and with the support of the major TPAs and Law Firms specialised in Cyber Security.

Product highlight:

  • Data loss and recovery (including decontamination and recovery)
  • Incident Response Services and Investigation Costs, supported by a 24/7 helpline
  • Costs resulting from delay or interruption in case of business interruption
  • Legal fees, including those for asserting contractual penalties
  • Expenses incurred for crisis communication and mitigation of the reputational damage


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