Professional Indemnity

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Even with the best human-capital and the best risk management practices in place, mistakes can happen. Companies that are performing professional services for others, either under contract or for a fee, can be sued by their clients. A claim may be groundless but still has the potential to take time and money to defend. A professional Indemnity insurance policy is an important risk management tool that companies employ to protect their business. When choosing your professional Indemnity insurance provider, it is important to have stability, claims expertise and experience on your side. You can count on Victor Insurance Italia!

Why Choose Victor’s PI solutions?

Our Professional Indemnity (PI) coverage provides your clients with the necessary protection for themselves and their assets in the event of potential financial damage caused to third parties during the performance of their professional activity, as allowed by the law and by the regulations governing the profession itself.

Key coverage features

  • Broad spectrum of coverage (for all risks)
  • Claims Made form, with the possibility of retroactive coverage
  • Various combinations of limits / deductibles

Who is it for?

Classes of Business

Claims Management

Our carrier partners, selected among the top players in the market, manage your clients’ claims with additional support from major TPAs and law firms specialized in professional civil liability.