Domenico Ferraro, Information Technology Leader in Victor Insurance Italia


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Domenico Ferraro

Domenico is Information Technology Leader at Victor Insurance Italia. He is responsible for the management and optimization of all the company’s IT processes, supporting the work of the company’s professionals and working with them on the digitization of Victor Insurance solutions.

Growing up in the world of the software development, with over 20 years of experience and with a decade in the world of brokerage, before joining Victor Insurance Italy he held for several years the position of senior software engineer in Marsh Italy.

Previously he held various roles in the IT world: senior developer analyst, systems administration, IT security, forensic information technology, technical direction.

The various expertise gained in the IT sectors, academic knowledge (mechanical engineering) and the passion for the computer technology together with the spasmodic research for the best technologies applied to the insurance, make Domenico a driving resource in the IT sector and flywheel for the slogan of Victor Insurance Italia: “on line, on time!”