Our solutions

With the use of a sophisticated digital platform, Victor Insurance Italia makes various consulting and operational services available to its partners: from defining and offering specific insurance products, to analyzing, reporting and underwriting risks; from handling policies, to assessing and comparing products, to managing documents, invoices and payments.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Every business should safeguard its most important asset – its people. Our Group Personal Accident insurance solutions provide valuable protection for your business and employees. We can protect you and them against injury, disability or death as a result of an accident. You can choose different levels of cover for certain individuals within your business or certain categories of people, choosing fixed sums insured or a multiple of salary. You can also choose the type of cover required, such as 24 hour basis and occupational risks only (professional and extra-professional). Our group personal accident insurance solutions contain a wide range of cover, is simple to buy and delivers the promised benefits effectively.

Professional Indemnity

Even with the best employees and the best risk management practices in place, mistakes can happen. Companies performing professional services for others either under contract or for a fee can be sued by their clients. Grounded or not, any claim has the potential to take time and money to defend. A professional indemnity insurance policy is an important risk management tool companies employ to protect their business. When choosing your professional indemnity insurance partner, it is important to have stability, claims expertise and experience on your side.

Fine Arts Insurance

Paintings and sculptures, coins and stamps, antiques of any sort. Rare objects, unique artifacts. Art collections -private or in museums and companies- can be very valuable. Our insurance solutions offer wide and flexible coverages that confirm a deep knowledge of your clients' needs.