What we offer to insurance intermediaries

Whatever your customers’ needs, thanks to our strategic partnerships with leading insurance companies in key markets, we can offer you a unique combination of products and services with the most innovative technologies in the industry. The intermediaries we work with can gain easy access to quote, bind, issue, and manage proposals in real time, as well as analytical and reporting tools to grow their business objectives and management requirements.

Intermediaries working with Victor Insurance Italia can get the right fit for their clients thanks to innovative tools and a unique range of insurance solutions.

Why choose Victor Italia?

Victor Insurance Italia can help you improve your business model through enhanced digital technology and professional management of operational processes. We provide you with a strong underwriting and business development team that can support you and your clients with advanced insurance solutions.

Victor Italia offers unique value in three key areas:

  • Our strategic partnerships with highly rated insurance companies supports intermediaries with a unique mix of products and services and financially sound insuring capacity.
  • Victor Insurance Italia offers access on the go, and provides a suite of tools to quote, bind, issue and manage your business, in real time – all in one place.
  • Our online platform includes reporting and analysis tools to support your business objectives and management requirements.

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