Insurtech: our crucial partner

Thanks to the digitalization of processes and the new technologies, the insurance industry is changing face and “ecosystem” is more and more the new watchword.

Insurtech: crucial partner for Victor Insurance Italia

Source:¬†Michele Lanni (Victor Insurance Italia): “Le insurtech sono per noi partner fondamentali”, published on 12th March 2020 on Insurzine


Thanks to processes digitization and new technologies, the insurance industry is changing face making “ecosystem” an increasingly new watchword. As well as for Victor Insurance Italia, underwriting agency, ecosystem is the new key topic.

In recent years, we learned that you can’t do everything by yourself, even less in an ecosystem that brings together different players, with the shared goal of digitizing the entire value chain.


These words referred by Michele Lanni, Business Development Leader of Victor Insurance Italia, in his interview for Insurzine.net. For this reason, Victor Insurance Italia is in continuous contact with various insurtech stakeholders, with the aim of understanding how to maximize ecosystems to create added value for our partners and customers.

To read the complete interview, click here.

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